“Blog” with Purpose

First of all, I have pondered the idea of a personal Blog for sometime now. I remember early in my days at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary when blogs started popping up everywhere. Immediately, I ran to sites like Blogspot, Blogger, etc in order to secure a cool url. However, the whole process seemed to overwhelm me and never thought I could add to the conversation regarding a particular topic (Even though my wife says I am never at a loss for words). So here we are, almost Summer 2015 reconsidering a blog.

Recently, I spoke to a long time pastor friend of mine on this topic. He shared with me what he has found to be the secret to a successful blog. His answer “Good Content”. Without good content, people will not read nor feel the need to share your post with others. So my aim is to “Blog with Purpose”. Each blog will speak to a particular topic and strive to provide valuable content for the reader. As a pastor, my goal is that each post glorify God and edify the church for which He has called me to shepherd. It is my prayer that through this process, God would allow me to speak truth for those who are seeking it.

Currently, I serve a dual role as Campus Pastor and Small Groups Pastor for Oakwood Baptist Church in Chickamauga, Ga. My role allows for opportunites to impact hundreds of lives on a weekly basis for the sake of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  So each week, my thoughts will be an overflow of the work that God is doing in my life and the life of His church.

Pastor Chris